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Twenty years as an entrepreneur… many companies built, four sold… Lots of mistakes made and lessons learned. This is how I would boil it down to key lessons and things I try to live by…

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The Startup Manifesto

Risk is your friend. Great people make all the difference. Make sure you can always answer “WHY”. Get up early. Change the scenery, you can work anywhere. Hire people that challenge you, not just those that listen to you. Ask yourself tough questions. Don’t waste time. Spend time on ideas that matter and people who energize you. The 80/20 rule applies to startups as well. Focus. Work harder than your peers, but go to your kids’ play at 2pm on a Wednesday. Be honest and transparent. Don’t hire employees (employees punch clocks), instead find co-pilots who share in the risk and reward. Never stop learning. Cruise control is the worst place to be. Take more pictures. Choose the path less traveled. Track everything. Be scrappy. Remind yourself daily why you are/became an entrepreneur. Make the call. All investors aren’t created equally – so be very selective. Experiment, Experiment, Experiment…. If you get comfortable, change something!

Due to interest/demand you can now purchase the manifesto HERE

The Startup Manifesto