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mac lackey


An entrepreneur for over twenty years, Mac Lackey has built and sold five companies and raised over $75 million dollars in capital. He and his startups have been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, USAToday and The New York Times.


Before MAC LACKEY became a successful, serial entrepreneur, you wouldn’t have predicted his path. A public school kid raised in Mint Hill, NC (a small town outside of Charlotte NC) he had mediocre grades and a passion for soccer in a town where football and baseball dominated. He was kicked out of his first college and lost a soccer scholarship. His future looked dim. Feeling broken but with a family that supported him and drive to do something people thought he couldn’t do, Mac changed his life.

A few years later, Mac was a straight “A” student and collegiate All-American. He played professional soccer and was selected to travel and play against the best teams in South America. Fast forward a few more years, still in his twenties, Mac had already started, built and sold two companies. He was a millionaire several times over and had achieved many of his wildest goals and dreams. You can learn more about Mac’s background, career and family here.

Today (several decades, more successes, plenty of bruises and a lot of life experiences later) Mac is a PASSIONATE advocate and supporter of entrepreneurship. He blogs, writes, shares his methods (his personal playbooks and insider secrets), speaks and works with founders and entrepreneurs all over the world.

If you are ready to scale or find the next level for your startup or career you are in the right place. To engage with me on this journey just sign up as a friend of mine in the box below.

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