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Just getting started?

Choosing to be an entrepreneur can be life changing. We are a raving fans of this decision and excited that you have made it to this page. So if you are considering, or are ready to take the step, we want to help you.

Download the Free IDM

The IDM (Idea Development Model) is a simple tool Mac created and has used for years to develop and consider his startup concepts. So use the IDM to convert your ideas and passions into a viable startups.

Read the Blog

We have curated a few of our blog posts that we feel will help inform, inspire and motivate you to pursue your goals. In these blogs, Mac writes about the entrepreneurial journey as well as some of the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship.

Get the Tools

Still need more? We have also created a collection of free tools and infographics designed to help #movetheneedle. These tools provide quick tips and easy frameworks to assist you as you start your journey.

Want to Connect with Mac?

Using the framework of the IDM, we have created a submission form called the Blink report. This report will allow Mac and his team to provide feedback on your ideas. We personally review each submission and give a feedback report to start a dialogue with you!