I’ve been in your shoes. I spent over 24 years in the startup trenches and learned (often the hard way) formulas that work. Formulas that helped me create an amazing life of scale, freedom and impact. So, I want to help YOU. If you are a driven entrepreneur, and want to live your bucket list life NOW and/or drive to a meaningful exit, you may be a fit for our exclusive programs.


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After 24 years of starting, scaling and exiting 6 companies, Mac now speaks around the world about entrepreneurship, startups and his passion to help people achieve what he calls “Lifewealth” based on his two proprietary (and battle tested) programs, called ExitDNA and Scale with Freedom. If you are interested in having Mac speak at your event, or to your organization please click below.



Mac and his team work hard to provide FREE content, low cost tools and numerous events for founders, entrepreneurs and innovators but if you are committed to reaching the next level, trying to change the world or just 10x’ing your life Mac wants to help. Please check out our exclusive programs for driven founders:

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Mac is an active speaker, teacher and participant in masterminds and events that align with his passions as well as an infrequent HOST of his own events. See a partial list of upcoming events below:

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