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Current entrepreneur?

As entrepreneurs, we hit ceilings and hurdles related to growth. How should we raise capital? How should we scale past our current level? What exit strategies should we pursue? We want to help you break through.

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The Next Level Growth Model (NLG) was born from Mac’s need to look at businesses in a simple and consistent way. This framework allows you to document critical focus areas and identify gaps to hit the Next Level.

Raising Capital

Capital can be fuel for a growth company or startup. It is critical you know when is the right time to raise capital as well as have strategies to get it done. Mac has raised over $75 million dollars for his businesses.

Growth Strategies

Here you will find the strategies, approaches and tools that can help you break through growth ceilings and create scale. Mac has over 20 years of driving growth in startups and multi-national companies alike.

Driving Exits

Framework and recommend approaches that will generate demand for your business as well as optimize the purchase price. As an entrepreneur, Mac orchestrated five exits and can help you create yours.

Want to Connect with Mac?

Using the framework of the NLG, we have created a submission form called the Blink Report. This report will allow Mac and his team to provide feedback on your ideas. We personally review each submission and give a feedback report to start a dialogue with you!