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I am a passionate entrepreneur that has been fortunate enough to have built and sold a number of companies. I’ve been in the startup trenches for over 20 years as a founder, CEO, investor, advisor, mentor and teammate.

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Aspiring Entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurship has truly been life changing for me. So many people sit on the edge, contemplating a life in startups. Are you ready to take the step? We want to help you.

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As entrepreneurs, we all hit ceilings and hurdles related to growth. We can help you accelerate and scale your startup. Achieving next level growth in startups is not an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this platform designed for?

Mac and his team love all things growth. Whether you are thinking about taking the plunge or are already 4 years deep, this platform is designed to help you reach the next level.

What do I do if I just have a quick question for Mac?

Mac truly does want to talk with you and answer your questions, read this for more info.  Mac offers free #startupsessions (see EVENTS for the next opportunity) but also designed this platform to help as many people as possible. To start in an effective and efficient manner, we often suggest downloading and leveraging the Blink Report process and then if you find you want or need more direct advice and collaboration to contact us to book time with Mac.

What is the Blink Report?

The Blink Report is a proprietary process developed by Mac to personally help as many startups as possible. To leverage the Blink Report start by downloading either the IDM or the NLG model, complete the tool using the provided explanations and examples, and then submit the applicable Blink Report for review and feedback.

Why should I pay extra to submit a Blink Report?

The free tools can be very helpful and are the same ones that Mac has used throughout out his own journey. However, these are simply guidelines. To really make a difference, Mac often recommends purchasing the Blink Report for two reasons: you get a quick review which pulls from his 20+ years of experience in an easily digestible format and the responses become great action steps. Many people find this is an incredibly cheap way to avoid common pitfalls and accelerate their plans.

What do I do if you do not have a tool that helps with my issue?

Mac and his team have worked hard to provide guidance and help across a wide variety of startup situations and challenges.  However, the startup world is vast and complex so we are always looking to add more tools to help you #movetheneedle.  Please fill free to contact us with your unique issue, we would love to help.