I have lived a Scale Life. Building and selling companies. Time with family. Traveling the world. Living my bucket list now (not later). After my sixth exit, I wanted to create a movement to teach entrepreneurs how to scale their life so they can pursue what truly matters..and to ensure they don’t accept the tradeoffs.


Early in August of 2000 I made a decision that would change the trajectory and quality of my life…

I started my first company in 1995… so August 2000 I was still in my 20s and a few weeks prior had just sold my SECOND company in an eight figure exit. We were expecting our first daughter any day. In so many ways I was on top of the world as an entrepreneur, but I realized the way I was building companies (working 80 hour weeks, sleeping on the floor in my office, traveling constantly, etc.) would require a massive tradeoff.

I could either continue to be a scale entrepreneur OR a great dad… but something would have to give.

At that moment, I decided “I would not accept the tradeoff”. I decided, actually I demanded BOTH. At that moment, my life changed forever.

Now 19 years later I have built and sold 4 more companies but most importantly, I have lived an amazing life marked by total freedom with my family (traveling the world, living abroad, coaching their soccer teams….) all while building 7 and 8 figure companies. After selling my sixth company I was reflecting back on my life and realized the value of that critical decision.. To not accept the trade offs.

I felt so strongly about the importance of this decision that I decided to teach others the process of Living a Scale LIFE… and I created the community to make it happen. I called it: The FĒNX (pronounced FEE NIX or Phoenix) – where we help entrepreneurs RISE from the grind to pursue what truly matters..

The FĒNX is a community for driven entrepreneurs who refuse to accept the trade offs they are told they should make. We work together to defy the odds. To scale. To break-through the growth ceilings.

To live a life of freedom and impact. If you want to live a Scaled LIFE, join our movement NOW. Click below to learn more about The FĒNX



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