Scale with Freedom is the foundation of my work. I teach driven entrepreneurs how to live a life optimized around BOTH scaling their business and doing so with freedom. I’ve lived this way for 19 years (read WHY below), and want to help you do the same.


Early in August of 2000 I made a decision that would change the trajectory and quality of my life…

I was still in my 20s and a few weeks prior had just sold my second company in an eight figure exit and my first daughter was being born any day. In so many ways I was on top of the world as an entrepreneur, but I realized the way I was building companies (working 100 hour weeks, sleeping on the floor in my office, traveling constantly, etc.) would require a massive tradeoff.

I could either continue to be a scale entrepreneur OR a great dad… but something would have to give.

The minute I decided “I will not accept the tradeoffs”, my life changed forever. I decided, actually I demanded BOTH.

Now 19 years later I have built and sold 4 more companies and lived an amazing life marked by total freedom with my family (traveling the world, living abroad, coaching their soccer teams….) all while building 7 and 8 figure companies.

After selling my sixth company I decided to teach others how to do what I call: Scale With Freedom.

Scale With Freedom teaches you how to drive success while living a life where your bucket list happens NOW.

My exclusive program was designed to help driven entrepreneurs generate seven figures in additional sales while transforming their business to bring them more life, not less, as they scale.

I feel so strongly about the program that every payment is tied to your success.


The big theme of this program is teaching entrepreneurs to move from a traditional path of building their business to a new approach – optimizing it using a system called Scale with Freedom™. As a driven entrepreneur you learn to scale your company while decreasing YOUR personal time in the business and when you get “time” back, you can put it to great use (more scale, more freedom, time with family, more impact, and really living your bucket list).

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