1. Write down the key metric you track in your business. Then develop a list of at least 10 ways you can improve the metric, even if they are crazy ideas. For example, if your top metric is customer conversion online, maybe you should experiment with a “free gift with purchase” concept vs. free shipping to improve conversion. Or maybe it’s a new design for your website with a better CALL TO ACTION. Or it’s changing your pricing vs. the competition. Or a better description of why your products are the best, with a series of happy customer comments to validate your claims.
  2. Develop three ways you can “WOW” your top customers in 2011. Anything from a gift of a beautiful logo jacket to a rare bottle of wine they collect to a trip to sit in the luxury box for their favorite team’s big match. If you know your customers and want to keep them, get creative.
  3. Ask “what If” and create a list of the options and potential outcomes. What if we dropped our lowest selling line of chocolate? What if we hired two new sales people? What if we only sold online? What if we stopped visiting potential customers in person? The more questions the better… NOW, consider the potential impact positive and negative. There are some gems in there.

To ensure next year is your biggest ever, take time this week and next to consider your business and your opportunities in fresh new ways.



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