Sometimes in life, as we develop a bit of expertise or confidence, we can tend to hit cruise control. It becomes a little bit easier to slide by with less research before meetings, maybe a little more lax on the prep work, and so forth because we are confident it will go fine. Maybe it will even go well. And will my audience even really know I am just cruising?

But what if you took the time to ask yourself the really tough questions about your current performance.

Did I do every bit of research I could to ensure the best outcome?
Did I practice my investor pitch twenty-seven times?
Did I consider all the potential objections and how I would overcome them?
Could I do more?

Chances are you aren’t even close.

Can/should you take your foot off the gas sometimes? Absolutely.
Will honestly asking these questions change the arc of your life? Absolutely.

Being the best at something, I mean being truly great and achieving breakout success, means constantly looking in the mirror and asking yourself what more you could do (and then doing it).

Ask yourself a few more tough questions this year…

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