More often than not, we do a quick, “blink” analysis of a situation.

We see a good price, a great deal, or social media traffic touting a trendy-talked-about news update about a vacation option, a job opportunity, a new deal.

And we go for it.

The quick, “blink” analysis feels logical because we can justify it in that moment.  We know enough now to realize that new information comes at us fast, so we make a “blink” decision on the data we have in that moment, move on, and just kind of hope it works out.

Here’s the thing though – think about the quick, “blink” decisions you’ve made in your life; have you been ALL IN when you make those decisions?

Most people aren’t ALL IN after a quick, “blink” decision. Because this “blink” analysis doesn’t include passion, drive, or commitment.

That’s not okay.

Every KEY or BIG decision you make should include all three of those characteristics.

Don’t spend your hard-earned money and time-off on a vacation if you’ve just done a “blink” analysis. Go on vacation to some place you’re deeply excited to learn more about; some place that you know will change the way you or your kids see the world.

Don’t make a career decision via a “blink” analysis either. Just because a technology is hot or a company may be hiring or paying well, don’t waste your time (or theirs) if it’s something you are not passionate about.

Be ALL IN. Get excited. Commit to the experience.

People can see and feel that passion, drive, and commitment in your eyes. And that is where great things happen.

Yours in startups,


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