My family and I are at the airport checking our luggage for an international flight. The attendant weighs our heaviest bag. 53 pounds. The “limit” is 50.

She gives us two choices. Pay $150 for the bag which is 3 pounds over the limit OR take out our underwear and socks, rejigger the packing between bags while 20 other families (who are all just as ready to get to their plane) watch us try to weigh and re-weigh our way to success…. to keep them all under 50lbs.

Oddly, she seemed to enjoy being a giant ________ about it as well.

Consider your company’s customer service policies.  Have you enabled your team to handle situations that work for your company AND your customer?

  1. Maybe they tell me about the infraction, let me go without hassle, and note it for my record. 2 more violations and perhaps I am a serial rule breaker, which does lead to a charge.
  2. Maybe the lady says they have a happy customer policy and 3 times a day I get to break little rules like this, smiles, and lets us go with the technically overweight bag knowing there is no real harm to anyone.
  3. Perhaps they do in fact charge me, but it’s a sliding scale so that my 3lbs is more like $20 dollars and the guy behind me that goes over by 63lbs pays the full $150.
  4. Maybe they just sell a little black duffle with their logo for $10 bucks (that cost them $5), and we check that. Everybody wins.

It’s really not that hard to provide a better experience.



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