Most people live in the middle of the pack. They don’t want to make too much noise or stand out too much. They dream and talk, but just don’t act…


The reason is fear. They are scared… Fear of failure. Fear of losing money. Scared of being laughed at or being wrong. This fear is often paralyzing.

It’s why most people don’t start companies or or try to cure cancer.

This is all (pardon my French) BULLSHIT.

Let me tell you what should scare you:

You should be scared that what you do doesn’t matter.

You should be scared of living an ordinary life.

You should fear driving like a drone towards a tall building and riding an elevator to a gray cubicle where your “job” is a cog in an industrial wheel.

You should fear mediocre.

You should fear being 50% of your potential.

Go do something. Or don’t… you can just sit quietly… but stay out of the way of people who are trying great things.

Photo credit: Venturist

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