I was talking with a group today that has a big vision. Basically, they want to transform lives… Well, that hits just about all of my targets.

Here’s the thing. The world is full of role-players. People who do important jobs, solve important problems, and supply a puzzle piece in the industrial complex. The world needs these people, no doubt.

However, for me, life is about moving the needle. Doing something that matters. Doing something with scale. Transforming lives, talking with more zeros in your numbers, taking action with more impact, and taking risks that matter. Make it matter to your team, to your investors, to your family, and, hopefully, make the world better as a result of your actions.

I used to apologize to more corporate types and say being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, don’t feel bad if you choose a safe route… I changed my mind. I believe people need to try and do something worth doing (and perhaps you can do that from a corporate boardroom or a cubicle just like you can do it from a startup or from your den). The point is: DO IT.

What’s the difference between people who change the world, people who step off the cliff, and people who don’t? ACTION.

Here is a great video from Steve Case’s Foundation that supplies even more energy and a recipe for the point… BE FEARLESS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHN1bc9tf7s&feature=youtu.be

Go do something. Make it big. Make it matter.



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