Yesterday was one of those days where I was somewhat overwhelmed. I looked around my office and the “stacks” of business plans I have received over the past two weeks had gone from exciting to a burden. Where to start…

Here is the fact for me. I read business plans (not unlike emails) with a few filters in mind. One, is this a friend or from a network that has a great filter (ie. did someone else already do some work and determine this is interesting)? Two, what is the title, subject, or tag line (which hopefully gives me some perspective or generates interest)? Three, design. Is the plan a black and white copy, stapled in the corner, or is it a beautifully designed cover with professional binding (or even better, is there something else totally unique about it)?

Before you send me (or a VC, a potential angel investor, or strategic partner) your business plan, think about the three filters:

  1. Use your network intelligently to open doors.
  2. Make sure your title grabs attention and generates interest.
  3. Think about design. Design, design, design. Stand out.

My desk is clearing, but there is still a small stack of black and white plans left to read (just not today).

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