No Excuses. Just start.

I’ll start my company or pursue my new product idea when:

  • I have funding.
  • The economy is better.
  • I finish this big project in my day job.
  • Things at the house settle down… etc, etc, etc…

You can choose to think every excuse and challenge differently. Maybe it is:

  • I will own more of the upside without funding.
  • Launching a company has never been cheaper and some of the greatest companies in history have started during recessions.

For every excuse there is a good argument not to wait… Not to put off or delay the powerful potential of being an entrepreneur and owning your future.

There is never the perfect time to start.

There are always excuses… Do it now. Start your next chapter doing what you love and getting energy from your new thing.

Don’t let timing, excuses or other people’s issues stop you.

Personally I have made a career out of doing the things people keep telling me I should not or can not do!

Go do it.

No excuses!