See The future… In Your Mirror

May 22, 2014 Mac Lackey

When you look in the mirror what do you see? What words describe that person looking back at you?

The people that do amazing things in life have many unique abilities but one really fantastic skill is being able to see their lives, three years in the future. They can see a vivid picture of life. What they are spending time on during their day. How they feel about their career. How they talk to others. How others view them. What accolades they have won. How many pounds they have lost. How many marathons they have run, revenues they have generated, employees they manage… They know what their beach house looks like, what drinks by the pool smell like, how it feels to put the heavy watch on, drive the new car, hear the roar of the engine…. etc. Crystal clear. Real vision.

Futures happen because we see them in vivid color and they are so good, so clear and so important that we can’t accept anything short of making them happen.

Next time you look in the mirror, stare just a bit longer and see if you can’t start to imagine you, three years out.

Photo credit: Mads Boedker



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