I’ve spent most of my adult life as an entrepreneur. I’ve started, built, and sold companies. I can’t really imagine doing much else. I love it. I embrace it and pretty much yell from the rooftops that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. And over the years, given my chosen path, I am often asked to have a cup of coffee or lunch to talk to people who have ideas or are considering the leap…

Over recent years, I’ve noticed a very interesting trend is emerging… I have met an increasing number of people that I’ll call “almostpreneur.” You know the profile; actually, you may be one. A bank executive, a doctor, a mortgage broker, or a sales executive by day, but an entrepreneur in the heart. You WANT to start something. You want to own your own business. You have ideas. You are smart. You have great contacts and are motivated. You are almost, I mean almost ready to go. BUT…

Yes, that’s the problem. You haven’t gone. You are and remain an Almostpreneur.

Here’s my take. You have very little risk. If you are a professional today, you’ll be a professional tomorrow. You can always go back to selling insurance or balancing someone’s books. You’ll actually be better than your peers if you go back, as your experience will now include starting a company (which will absolutely teach you new skills and give you a new world view).  You’ll meet new people, push your limits of knowledge and skill, become more confident, and learn at an accelerated pace. You’ll understand marketing, sales, operations, and HR. Not many doctors can say they understand sales and marketing, can they?

And that’s all assuming your venture FAILS.

Now, consider the WHAT IF IT SUCCEEDS?

If it’s in your heart and you’ve done all your homework, it’s time to drop the ALMOST and start… ENTRE….

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