You’ve likely heard the examples before (ie. the prettiest girls never got asked out), and it is a fact… The air is little more clear up here. There are few who think about the biggest ideas. Few who have the ambition, guts, gumption, and drive to try something that truly is massive in scale or game-changing in scope. But guess what? The competition is thinnest at the top.

If you want to be a business owner, you could, for example, start a dry-cleaning service. It’s a valuable service, the model is understood, customers tend to be loyal, etc… but, WOW, is it competitive. And how do you differentiate? Nothing at all wrong with being a dry-cleaner, but what about providing that same service at scale and in a disruptive way? Think big.

You create a mobile platform that allows people in need of laundry services to post their location and needs (number of shirts and instructions). Then local moms who have registered with your app get alerted that someone in their area needs laundry services and allows them to bid on the work. They are home doing laundry and have extra time and capacity. It’s hyper-local. It’s sharing economy. It’s disruptive to the local cleaners. It is cheaper for the consumer. It is extra money for the at home mom and our little company gets a percentage coming and going. That idea could change an industry and generate hundreds of millions of dollars…

Ok, I don’t plan to pursue this one (but I’m happy to tell you how to do it for a piece of the action ☺). You can see the difference in a “small” dry-cleaning idea and a “big” dry-cleaning idea.

Big, disruptive ideas get attention. They attract resources. They get people talking (buzz), and, more than anything, they position you in a different market: a market that is less competitive and yet more interesting to all involved.

Go rethink your idea, reconsider your current business, and just force yourself to start thinking bigger. Don’t get caught up in the “why not” or “excuses.” Remove the mental barriers, and make it bigger.



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