I have found myself asking again and again this week… What is your edge? What makes you unique? What makes people crave your product or service?

We know it is just a fact that there is a great deal of noise in the network. Lots of ideas, business plans, startups and people… all competing for an increasingly fickle consumer interaction. So in all this noise how do you stand out. To me it means you have to have an “edge“.

Having an edge is similar to an unfair advantage (from my previous post on this important subject)… it means you have a unique approach to the market, you have a proprietary source or a better technology (and not just a technology YOU think is better, your customers agree)… Some “edges” from my companies… Mountain Khakis has an edge (proprietary fabric and fit, brand), Teton Gravity Research has an edge (world class content and exclusive partnerships with athletes), Sector111 has an edge (proprietary products and a CEO who lives it)…

Before you send us your business plan, get an edge, be clear about what it is and why it matters. Go get your edge!