First impressions are generally based on a physical exchange between people. Your facial expressions when you talk, the way you are dressed, the way you communicate, your energy level, etc…. They all combine to give someone a quick impression of who you are and what working with you might be like.

Another first impression is made when you reach into your pocket and pull out a small 2 x 3.5 inch piece of paper: your business card.

The business card communicates more than you think. Are you professional? Are you serious about this business? Are you conservative or progressive? Does the message and impression from the card match or contradict the other impressions they have of you and your business?

Think about your business card this way… You have 10 seconds to deliver an impression with your card, and it should 100% mirror and support the other messages you are working so hard to develop.

People that know me know I care about things like this. I tend to do cards over 110lb weight paper (the tactile impression is priceless, and heavy cards feel expensive and professional). I tend to do two sided cards (more real estate to deliver a clean, beautiful impression). I like 4 color process. I try to leave room to write notes, add details, etc. (think “blank” space to scribble a message). Sometimes I request bright colors (energy, startup, growth, etc.), and sometimes I request rich, deep colors (stable, conservative, timeless, etc.)… I spend money on cards. Sometimes it is the ONLY piece of physical marketing I need, and I believe it is worth a splurge.

Let your business card speak for you. What exactly do you want your audience to experience and perceive when you hand them the 2 x 3.5? And remember, even when you walk away, that card may stay on their desk – leaving a lasting impression good or bad – and is often sitting beside a stack of other people’s cards… Does your card deliver the message you want?



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