I have seen a number of posts over the years about To Do lists, getting things done, prioritizing time, and so forth. There are lots of helpful ideas, and bottom line is you have to find or develop a system that works for you… BUT, here are two things to keep in mind and they make all the difference.

One: there is a huge difference between being busy and effective. Busy means you work a lot, you have a long to do list, and you are diligently heads-down working at it. Effective means you do the things that matter and do them well.

Two: the hard stuff (the things you want to avoid) are typically the ones that move the needle. It’s often a phone call you are dreading, finishing the marketing piece, or setting up a meeting with the key investor or client that propels you forward.

Write your To Do list and capture all the things that you need to get done. Think about the things that matter, the things that will make you effective, then hit those with a highlighter, put a star on them, or whatever you need to do but focus on being effective… and do the hard stuff.