Are You EXIT Ready?

Only 25% of sellable companies actually create an exit. Is your business sellable? Will it command a high valuation? There are often easy to implement strategies that not only increase the odds of an exit but can even add millions to the valuation. Click the button below to take a 5 minute quiz to see how you score. FREE ExitDNA Readiness Score.



ExitDNA is a transformational program for entrepreneurs, but it’s not for everyone…

The ExitDNA program is designed to provide massive ROI (often in the millions) to founders. It requires hard work. In our Academy experience, you’ll be held accountable for your progress (or lack of progress) both to me and to a small group of successful, high-performing peers.

Unless you’re committed to doing the work and willing to accept accountability for your own success, ExitDNA may not be right for you.

The Ideal ExitDNA Member has:

• A minimum of seven figures in annual revenue
• The drive and skills required to execute your vision
• An openness to being coached / mentored
• A desire to maximize your company’s value for yourself, your team, and/or your investors

If you aren’t quite there in terms of revenue or an active plan to get there, that is okay. You should consider one of our bootcamps then reapply to the Academy program in the future.

This Program is NOT for:

• People looking to fix a business that is fundamentally broken
• People who aren’t willing to work hard to create success
• People looking for a magic bullet solution

We focus on step-by-step frameworks to help create clarity, alignment, confidence, and ultimately the strategies you need to optimize your business.


We focus on step-by-step frameworks to help create clarity, alignment, confidence, and ultimately the strategies you need to optimize your business, which can give you the best “option” to exit at a premium valuation.


Virtual (video) Meetings and office hours with Mac, his team, subject matter “experts” and your small founder cohort (your peers).


Peer group accountability and founder advocacy. There’s no agenda other than enabling your personal execution and results.


Access to our proprietary frameworks paired with real world experience and step-by-step support to help you optimize your business and create your ideal future.

Proprietary Exit Content

Detailed video sessions of the full process, frameworks, exercises and best practices to create exit value. Content is designed for your self-paced consumption of video sessions (delivered via private member login). Typically completed over 8-12 weeks but can be consumed in 12 days or 12 months (one CEO even did it in a single epic weekend session).

Expert Sessions

Monthly Sessions (which include Q&A) with domain experts who can help you optimize every aspect of your business (mindset, leadership, finance, legal, and everything in between).

Planning WITH You

Planning Sessions conducted by the ExitDNA Mentorship (bi-annually) team designed to build on your progress and accelerate results based on your specific challenges and objectives.


ExitDNA is for serious and successful entrepreneurs who are interested in creating the OPTION to exit… If you fit that description, then this exclusive program can help you design a better outcome and even create MILLIONs in exit value. Click below to take a 5 minute quiz which will help you assess your current exit readiness. (The assessment provides you a FREE ExitDNA Readiness Score).

Don't Wait to Prepare for an Exit

I hear entrepreneurs every day say things like: “I want to sell my business”, “How much can I sell my business for?”, “One day I want to exit and retire”, or “When the time is right, I’m going to sell.”

After more than 25 years of starting and selling my own companies (which included some great exits, but also mistakes that cost me millions), and helping other entrepreneurs to do the same… I developed a powerful blueprint that creates an exit strategy for just about any business.

I learned what works (and what doesn’t) over the past few decades. If you ever want to sell your company (or at least have the option) then having an exit strategy isn’t just something that’s nice to have, it is a necessity. For many founders by the time they make the decision to sell, it is too late. They have not maximized value. They don’t get the terms or deal they should. And in many cases they fail to create an exit at all.

If you want to drive to a great exit you have to know the unique steps, formulas, strategies and approaches that create the optimal outcome. Great entrepreneurs make exit plans well in advance.  You need to understand how your company would be valued now and how you make improvements to have it valued the way YOU Want. This isn’t something you want to leave to chance.


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