importance of time


Time is absolutely your most essential resource!

Not only are you limited to 24 hours a day, but your lifetime itself is also finite. Time is limited and, therefore, incredibly precious.  

July 2nd is a very important Day

July 2nd, according to Google, will put 50% of your 2020 in the rearview mirror. Half of the year is gone. Take a moment to think back to December 2019 when you established your New Year’s Resolutions or imagined this year – what did you want to accomplish? 

How are you progressing? 

Where are you versus your goals?

If you aren’t way ahead of your goals (or at least to the 50% mark), you should stop and think about what you want to happen in the second half. You don’t have time to waste. 

The Most Powerful Time Chart

To add a really interesting (scary for some people) graphic… take a look at your life in months. The average American life is about 78 years or 936 months. So to be a bit more optimistic, I chose this 90-year chart in months. Circle the dot that shows where you are now.


Chances are you have big goals for your life. Creating a big business, traveling the world, generating wealth, creating massive impact… Whatever your goals are, you have a finite amount of time to achieve them and put your dent in the universe.

I personally wasted years figuring out how to build my first business (mistakes, learning the hard way, etc.). I wasted months, if not years, trying to figure out how to scale. I wasted months, if not years learning how to make time work for me versus wasting it trying to figure things out. 

But hear me loud and clear: You now have half of 2020 still in front of you. 

Don’t waste it. 

Don’t waste one more day before starting something new.

Don’t waste time to figure something out that you can learn from others who have already DONE IT. 

Don’t sit in neutral waiting for things to happen – make them happen. 

If you find the monthly time chart motivating (I do), print one out and put it on your desk as a great reminder of the importance of mastering TIME.

Five KEY STRATEGIES to master time

Here are five bullet points you should consider when thinking about mastering time:

  1. 80% of your time should be allocated to things that you do uniquely can do AND are critical success factors in achieving your goals 
  2. The answer to any question that isn’t HELL YES should be NO. Don’t do things that aren’t exciting and a no-brainer to improve your life (for more on SAYING NO, check out my blog post on this and my FREE guide: The Life-Changing Power of Simply Saying NO)
  3. Whenever possible, control WHEN you do something – go to your kids play at 2 pm on a Tuesday, but do the report at 11 pm when everyone is sleeping. 
  4. Do deep work in FLOW STATE. Find the time of day, setting (environment), and recipe for doing your most important work when you are in FLOW state. That 1-2 hours can be the most important of the day.
  5. Ask, “Does this move the needle” and if the answer is NO, either ignore, delete, or deprioritize. Don’t work on things that don’t move the needle. 

Time is your most precious and valuable resource. Make it count. 

As always, if you need help making the absolute most of your TIME, let me know. I am hyper-focused on TIME and helping others master it to achieve their goals via ExitDNA, and I would love to help you.

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