The world has changed (and will continue to evolve)… Where you went to school doesn’t matter. Your advanced degree? Not so much. Oh, you were top of your class, well I’m sure there are research departments in relevant companies, run by dropouts, that could use you… Am I anti-education? No way, I’m pro startup and pro-risk taking. I’m saying how you apply yourself is what matters…

So what drives the future now? Three things: SKILLS, TAKING RISK and DRIVE

The world is full of smart people. They all may look like a bit like you. Good grades, check. Played sports, check. Civil service, check. So how to you achieve great things… How do you do something that matters and do it at scale… Or how do you get in the program you want or college you want… All great questions and the answer is generally the same.

The future belongs to the brave. The people who don’t wait for the perfect time or for the investment to come in. They don’t worry about pedigree or recommendations. The brave “own” their future… They own it by taking risks where others sit idly by. The get up two hours earlier than their peers. They do it NOW, not when all the stars align.

This is not self-help psycho-babble… this is real life. The people who run the most relevant companies in the world today are college drop-outs. The cures to cancer are more likely to be discovered by rogue scientist and independent thinkers who are outside the paradigm of current research.

Wake up and realize that you are just as capable as those you read about… If you have drive, and you go RISK-ON, focusing on things that matter then you can own a big future…

And come see me, we hire, partner with and invest in people like you all day long.

I heard a great quote recently from @Chamath (of Social + Capital and Facebook fame) about bankers… he said “Bankers are smart enough to be greedy, but not smart enough to be relevant”… Don’t be a banker (or insert plenty of other professions here), be relevant!

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