If you know how to create SCALE, your business, your life, and your opportunities will expand exponentially. Therefore, one of the most valuable skills you can develop as an entrepreneur is knowing how to SCALE. But to most, SCALE remains elusive. 


Well, it is easy to start a company. It is relatively easy to create a product or service that has value. And it isn’t too hard to find some early customers (you know your friends and family want to support you)… So in the very earliest of stages, you get some wins. You feel some momentum as you check off boxes and move things forward. You are feeling and doing great. 

Then, there will come a time that you need (or want) to scale… maybe the MVP is done, maybe you’ve finished testing a new product, or maybe you’ve been in business for two years and are ready for the next level but regardless of why, it’s time to SCALE.

BOOM, suddenly, it isn’t so easy. The things that created momentum aren’t adding new customers. Things are stagnant. You are OK, but you aren’t growing… you certainly are seeing the kind of explosive SCALE you want. 

The steps you took to get here aren’t the ones you need to scale!!

When it is time to scale, you have to think differently.

I always say, incremental steps tend to deliver incremental results… so if you want SCALE (i.e. dramatic growth), you have to take dramatic steps!

Over the years, as I have reached this point (my need or desire to scale), I tend to ask myself and my team a series of questions that helps us brainstorm what is possible. It helps me imagine new possibilities, new approaches, new ideas, and in many cases, even starts to light a path to HOW. Because I know doing the same thing I did yesterday isn’t the answer. 

Given the value of this skill… KNOWING HOW TO SCALE… I put together some of my personal favorites (questions) in a simple outline I call the 10x Multiplier. 

When I am looking for ideas that can help me scale 10x these are exactly the kind of mind-expanding, horizon-opening questions that I ask myself, and bottom line, it works. 

So I’m sharing :) 

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