As a huge soccer fan, I am anxiously awaiting the Women’s World Cup final tomorrow. Even if you are not a soccer fan (shame on you) or if you don’t generally enjoy the women’s game, there is something special going us with the US Women’s World Cup team…  I think there always has been something special with them!

And there are important parallels for your business and your career.

Sure, the US has great history in the Women’s game… It was 1999 when Brandi Chastain scored her famous goal (followed by the more famous “sports bra” display)… The US team has today and has in the past had global stars like Mia Hamm. BUT, what struck me during the recent games against Brazil and then France is that the US just has more heart. They just want to win.

I would argue that in both games, the US may have been technically outplayed. Both opposing teams had tremendous skill and great control of the tempo at various points in the game. But even on the world stage, heart (the will to win) can sometimes overcome almost anything. That, I would submit, is the case with our Women’s team, and why they have a great shot of winning yet again against a very strong Japan tomorrow.

In business, it’s not always the best product that wins (although maybe Apple is finally showing Microsoft better products SHOULD win). It certainly isn’t the pedigree of the team or the brilliance of the IP that always wins. Sure those things matter, but aren’t often enough…

In business it’s all about execution, and execution has a close relationship with heart. A will to win, a belief in winning, an absolute commitment to winning might just be what you need to push you to the next level.

So, consider how “heart” or, as Charlie Sheens says, “winning” plays into your business and career.




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