I have some awesome Thanksgiving memories. Most of my greatest memories relate back to time with family, including family members (ie. Grandparents) that have since passed. For me, Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that pulls all of my sense together. When I think about Thanksgiving, I can smell the food cooking in my Grandmother’s kitchen. I can still feel the fabric on their old sofa where I sat and talked about my life, my goals, my dreams with people who were genuinely interested and supportive. I can see the stairs down to my Grandfather’s workshop where he would show me how to build things from scratch. Saws buzzing, the smell of wood burning, and just a hint of the damp basement air lingering as we built boxes and widgets. I can vividly hear the whistle from the pots and pans upstairs in the kitchen when food was ready.

As a kid, Thanksgiving was about family and food. We said prayers that were a bit longer than normal, and everyone seemed happy and content with their lives.

As I get older, I see more sides of Thanksgiving. I’ve worked really hard as an entrepreneur. I’ve had so many sleepless nights wondering about making payroll or paying my own bills. I’ve wondered if things would fall apart or fail. I’ve spent so many years confident that I “earned” it all, as I know it wasn’t given to me. I wasn’t handed money or a business. I wasn’t shown the secret back door. I worked and worked…. But as I’ve got older, seen more of the world, and learned more about people, it’s given me a more profound sense of being blessed along with some questions and maybe even guilt.

Things to be Thankful For

I realize when I slow down for this special holiday that I am beyond blessed and I have so many things to be thankful for. If any of these apply to you, you can be successful in your life. If several of them apply to you, you already are, and the sky’s the limit:

  • I am an entrepreneur. That as much as anything has given me an amazing life.
  • I am supported by my family to do the things I love.
  • I am shown love.
  • I am healthy enough to work.
  • I am blessed with ambition and drive.
  • I see no limits to what is possible.
  • I live in a country where hard work can be rewarded.
  • If I am willing to work, people will pay me for my time.
  • I have parents that taught me to be a good, caring person.
  • I have friends who accept me for who I am.
  • I have a wife that loves me.
  • I have kids that love and respect me.
  • I have co-workers full of talent, drive and ambition.
  • I have a warm place to sleep at night.
  • I have safe, quality food to eat.
  • I have a safe place to live.
  • I have energy.
  • I have ideas.

If you have any of these, you can be an entrepreneur; you can build a quality life, and you should be thankful.

I don’t know the statistics off of the top of my head, but I would guess that if you have 4-5 things on this list, you are in the top 10% of the humans on this earth.

Be thankful for your gifts and opportunities and prove to yourself that with these gifts you can and will do amazing things.

Yours in startups,




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