Imagine you’re playing in a basketball game. Or a soccer game. It’s coming down to the final seconds, and you’re in a position on the floor or in the field to score.

Do you pray that someone doesn’t pass you the ball?

If so, this game might not be for you; and when I say ‘game’ here I’m referring to the 21st century phenomenon that’s become entrepreneurship.

If you look at old reels of Michael Jordan playing for Chapel Hill or early days playing in Chicago, you’ll see a young guy who, more often than not, relished every opportunity to get that ball in his hands before that last second. Because he wanted to take that shot.

Here’s the deal though about that shot – if you make it, that shot was yours. You do get the glory and the fame and the recognition. You made that happen.

But, if you miss it – you’ve got to be ready to take that on, too.

People who are successful as entrepreneurs want to take that shot regardless of outcome. Because they’ve got the confidence to handle either outcome well.

If you want to take that last shot, this game is for you.

If you find yourself praying that you don’t get the ball in your hands, dig down deep to find the confidence to take the shot. You must find the confidence and the attitude to believe you can pull this off. If not, get out of the way from the guy who does.



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Photo credit: Eric T