As content proliferates, as our options for consumption continue to increase, we are all becoming overwhelmed by inbound “noise.” Great services and tools are popping up (Priority Inbox, Sanebox, Flipboard, and so on). However, I am concerned these variety of tools will not keep pace, and we as investors or entrepreneurs will spend more time setting up tools than executing on metrics that matter, on things that move the needle.

So, on to filters. We need YOU to become a filter. To curate. To preview and review things that you see and turn the many into the few. Pick the best, choose those that matter.

My filter is my network first: the people I know, respect, and trust serve as a first line of defense and as a fantastic filter.

In a world where filters matter more and more, think about two things:

1. How do you become a better filter for your network (a trusted, respected curator)?

2. How can your message, startup, product, or idea get through the many filters out there?