Thrive with your ENVIRONMENT

Develop New Routines. Change doesn’t have to be bad… as a matter of fact, MAKE it good by using what is likely a change in your daily schedule and work location to create new, powerful habits. What a great time to work on your “home” environment so you are set up to get more done (not only NOW, but going forward). What can you change so you get up and focus first thing in the morning? Try these (or create your own):

1. Set your shoes by your bed and take a morning walk.

2. Get your coffee setup ready the night before so you can “hit a button” to brew coffee, and during that 5-10 minutes, do push-ups, sit-ups, or planks.

3. Set out the blender and ingredients for a smoothie so you can make a healthy smoothie with ease.

4. Create your focus list for the next day before going to bed and lay it by your keys, toothbrush, or wherever you are likely to see it FIRST THING!

Thrive with your MIND

In times of stress, we have our own biology (our brains) fighting against us. From our hunter/gatherer ancestors, our minds were wired to go into hyperdrive when we are stressed, and yet today, if you want to Thrive, you have to learn to calm your mind, turn off that deep-planted biology and be able to focus.⁠

Some of the most successful people on earth (and more and more science daily points to three things you can do to switch your biology):

1. Start a Mindfulness Practice (meditate, deep breathing, etc). If you need help, download a meditation app like Oak or Headspace. Also, google “Wim Hof” breathing. ⁠

2. Start a Gratitude Practice (again, lots of approaches) 10 minutes a day, you write down 10 things you are grateful for, or every morning, write down 1-3 things you are grateful for.

3. Start an exercise routine. If you don’t already exercise 20-40 minutes a day, START now. Walk, hike, bike, etc. But your body needs the chemical wash from exercise to ready the mind. ⁠

Again, these are not fluffy ideas…These are TOOLS to help you thrive, and candidly if you aren’t doing them, you are selling yourself, your business, and your POTENTIAL short. Start these today, and your MIND will THRIVE. ⁠

Thrive with your FINANCES

This may be the most obvious time in the past few decades that your personal and business finances are front and center. Almost everyone is or will be negatively impacted by this current situation. So what do we do to thrive?

First, you have to SURVIVE to fight another day. One of my mentors used to say, “You have to have staying power.” YOU and/or your business have to outlast the crisis so that you’ll be one of the ones left standing. How do you do that?

Cut deeper than you think you will need to (expenses), faster/sooner than you planned to. Taking a “wait and see” approach will burn valuable resources.

Restructure as much as you can. If you can talk to your suppliers, vendors, and providers and improve terms, do. If you can refinance something, do. This will give you the option to survive longer if necessary OR to jump back in more aggressively when you can.

You have “leverage” to actually HELP. Rather than delaying your order from a supplier, call them, tell them if you are tight on cash, but it may actually help them for you to buy NOW at 50 cents on the dollar rather than wait. You win (cheaper supplies), and they win (an order and cash flow when most are canceled).

Thrive with your HEALTH

We want to go beyond mere survival; we want to THRIVE. And to do this, we have to have our HEALTH dialed in. You already know some of the big ones: You have to get enough sleep, water, and nutrients into your body.

I’ll add one more…Create CHANGE. This one might be easier than ever as change is coming hard and fast, BUT you create the change.

Have you ever driven to work, and the next thing you know, you are in the parking lot thinking, “I honestly don’t remember how I even got here”? Although it is scary, it is simply your mind processing in the background. The routine of the drive allows your brain to move the directions to your subconscious.

One way you can rewire your brain and health is to just mix things up. Don’t walk the same old path; choose a new route. Don’t drive the same road; take backroads. Don’t do situps and pushups, do lunges and dips. Force your brain into learning and doing something new so you remain present and focused.

Create a NEW change, and you’ll grow stronger, faster, and healthier. There are multiple paths; are you going to keep taking the same one or try something new?

Thrive with your NETWORK

“Your network is your net worth.” — Porter Gale

One of the most valuable assets you have today and should build for tomorrow is your network of mentors, advisors, and peers (virtually right now, of course). These people will define your opportunities, the access you have to information, and those who can help you overcome obstacles.

HOW do you build your network NOW?

Get into online groups (masterminds, FB Groups, LinkedIn groups, etc.) that fit your interests and needs. For example, the picture you see here is from one of our ExitDNA Mastermind calls.

Add VALUE. GIVE help. Answer questions, make connections, offer to assist. You will be seen as a valuable addition to the group.

Connect with members of the group, and if you continue to genuinely engage and add value, they will start seeing you as a great resource.

If you want to THRIVE now and in the future, make this a priority right now. Every day this should be on your short list of things that can and will move the needle in your life.

If you are interested in the community, I’m building to support my network and help others create one, comment or message me your email address, and we will send you some info.

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