Are you Too Busy as an Entrepreneur

We should never say, “I am so busy” ever again. 


That is an incredibly clear statement we are doing things wrong. 

I have to (tragically) admit that as much as a mentor and coach others to focus on what moves the needle… as much as I KNOW that there are only a few people, things, and strategies that really matter, I often don’t do those things because, yep, you guessed it:  “I’m too busy.”

Aren’t we all?

Ironically, I find it easier to see in other people (I’m still working on looking in the mirror :)

Guess what the #1 reason people don’t join my ExitDNA program is?

They almost always say something close to:  “This sounds perfect/great/ideal/no-brainer, but I’m too busy right now, so I’ll do one of your next ones.”

So, my program offers 10-100x ROI to most entrepreneurs, but they are too busy

Hmmm… wonder what the ROI is on the things that are keeping them too busy?

Ask yourself today, what is the life-changing opportunity that you are too busy to look into today? 

Tragically, we all have them… and sure, 

  • We’ll get to it in the future. 
  • We’ll consider it when things slow down. 
  • After Christmas, after we close out Q2, as soon as school starts, or whatever our excuse is…

The reality, there will NEVER be a time you aren’t too busy. 

There will never be an empty to-do list or inbox zero. 

You have to prioritize the things that move the needle NOW, despite a busy schedule. 

We recently hired a 3rd party to anonymously get feedback from our ExitDNA members. Let me share several comments that seem relevant and helped highlight this point for me:

  • “Once a week, Mac makes me pay attention to things that really matter”
  • “He could charge more for this program”
  • “It is so valuable to carve out this hour on my calendar”
  • “Mac’s process is great – not theoretical, but practical”
  • “I am getting more than I paid for – don’t tell Mac”
  • “I have shifted my mindset”
  • “My focus has shifted from busy to thinking like a surgeon – focused impact”

Is there something you think would be valuable (maybe even life-changing or game-changing) and you’ve convinced yourself you are actually too busy?

I only share these as you are probably like so many of our members… BUSY and not sure where programs like ExitDNA fit… and yet I hear again and again how valuable it is for BUSY founders and how thankful they are they did it.

Can you relate?

I often blog or write emails when I need to remind myself of something really important – THIS is one of those times. 

For me, I need to delete my to-do list again. Only a few things matter. Only a few things are big enough to move the needle. Busy is not where I create the kind of opportunities or leverage that have given me big joy and success in life. 

So this message is for ME (and yes, for YOU).

Busy means you don’t really know the 3-4 things that should get all your focus…

Don’t be busy; focus on things that move the needle.

  • If you know a new product is the answer – build it.
  • If you need to drop 90% of your list to do the one thing well – do it.
  • If there are people, you should spend time with who will change your life – schedule them.

Join the mastermind. Read the book…. Do the thing that will help you break out.

If you are too busy but interested in ExitDNA – join.