When you are working on buying a company, pitching the boss, selling a product, or convincing your husband to buy you a gift, one powerful move is to get them in motion. Start the dialog. Help them see the potential of “what could be.” Show them what the future looks like with your desired outcome, and make it touch the senses. What does it look like, smell like, sound like, etc? How will their life be better with your outcome. Make them see it.

Time and motion are your friend, so keep your prospect engaged and every day moving closer to the outcome. Have them visit the potential office site. Have them read your business plan and look at furniture with you. Have them look at the proofs of the business cards.

They are starting to see the outcome and envision what it might look and feel like… At some point, human nature tells them to turn around and look back. If they are far enough down the road with you, they don’t want to walk backwards. The deal gets done.

Keep them walking down the road.

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