What is lifestyle design?

May 22, 2014 Mac Lackey

I received a number of emails from readers who commented and asked about my “What’s in your wallet” post. The questions related to my daily focus on LIFESTYLE DESIGN.

The original idea I picked up from Tim Ferriss (who has authored several good books and frequently blogs on the subject). The concept is basically to focus on creating your business opportunities around a desired lifestyle. I translate that into a few things:

One: am I working on something I love?

Two: how do I actually spend my “active” time (what tasks occupy my day), and is that something I get energy from and enjoy doing?

Three: do the hours, travel, and activities enhance my lifestyle (ie. are the trips to places I want to travel, does this increase time I spend with my kids, is that likely to continue, increase, etc.)?

Four: do I control my schedule?

You get the point… There are many more, but, for me, I believe if I focus on my lifestyle in my daily business, I can “design” it.

You really can have the best of both worlds if you make it a goal, keep it in front of you, and work really hard at it.



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