About this time of year, sometime between Christmas and the new year, most people reflect a bit on the past year and importantly start considering the future. For me, this is critical thinking time. This is a time to consider what is possible, challenge current thinking, embrace change, and map the future I hope to create.

In my opinion there has never been a time in the world where the future looks so interesting. The world is feeling smaller and more accessible, the economy is global, the prices on devices and technology are dropping quickly, the tools to create things (web sites, blogs, software, books, etc.) are readily available and easy to use… Your partners and teammates can be sitting beside you at a desk or across the world in their pajamas.

How do you re-envision your business when your customers might soon be from China? What if you can source knowledge products from Brazil, bind them professionally in Mexico and sell them in Russia? What is possible when you no longer need an office? Or when your team is all part-time? What can you do from a chair on the beach to earn a great income?

I found this video from Corning very exciting and somewhat inspirational. Not hard to see how technology will fuse with our lives… Embrace it.

Take some time to think about the future and design it. Don’t let it design you. Think about how technology will make you more efficient to enjoy more time with family, not stress you out and overwhelm your life. Embrace your future, consider what is possible, and get there first.

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