I’ve had several conversations over the past 48 hours about HUSTLE. Maybe it’s an obvious term to you, but it’s missing in many, many startups and even more entrepreneurs.

In a world full of startups and a blizzard of competitive ideas/companies/products, etc., hustle can make all the difference.

Hustle is a willingness to do what it takes at all times to make things happen. It’s the little things like talking to people in line at the coffee shop about what you do (as they may be potential customers, future employees, connections in your network, investors or at worst a good way to practice your pitch)… Hustle is calling the editor directly and pitching a story vs. putting out a simple press release. Hustle is cold calls and uncomfortable “asks” of your friends, family and network.

Ask yourself the question: “Am I really hustling?”… “Is my company?”…

Chances are the answer is NO, and if it is, start hustling right now.

Trust me, HUSTLE is a game changer!!

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Yours in startups,


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