The CEO, the Founder, the CIO, the VP of Marketing, the VP of Sales, and other key people in your business can probably answer the question “What is your vision?” quite well. They are generally articulate and have been in all of the important meetings. They understand your goals and may even have a set of goals that are measured against achieving it.

However, you have two opportunities to take it to the next level.

First, if I asked all 5 of the people in the roles mentioned above (assuming it isn’t the same person), would they give me the same short, powerful statement? Chances are, NO. They may have the gist, but each put their own spin on it. So turn your vision into a concise statement that is something that really is worth getting out of bed to do. Change the world and make sure your top people all share the same vision, with the same wording, same statement, and same energy to pursue it.

Second, push that message to everyone touching your organization. Every employee, strategic partner, and even customer. Let them know what you are trying to do ,and they will help you get there.

A shared vision unifies and unites. It adds purpose and puts all your ships sailing in the same direction. Once that takes place, powerful things can happen.

Is your vision shared?

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