Well, it wasn’t the original plan, but this simple idea has given me so much to think about…

This is day three on the topic:  You don’t HAVE to, you GET to!

I told you the story that really created an impact for me: Day 1 linkI shared how life outside my window has changed (for the better): Day 2 link

Then last night, I think I had the most powerful thought of all.

What if you decided, since you GET to work from home, that you were going to use this time to absolutely dominate your challenges? 

Let’s pick an example (there are many) of where an entrepreneur might be really suffering at the moment. Let’s say you were just about to open your new restaurant, and this crisis hit. It screwed everything up, leaving you devastated. Yes, that sucks for sure… OR was it a gift?

The pandemic hit every restaurant hard. Some won’t survive, most weren’t ready for life during (or after) the crisis. So what if you decided the crisis WAS the opportunity? What if you were the first restaurant to build a robust system for your customers to purchase directly from you? Where it was easy for them to plan a meal and get it from you when they needed it the most. What if you re-designed your “almost complete” patio so it was more spaced out for social distancing, had a walk-up window and a drive-through window? What if you had an innovative drop-off and pick-up system that was all hands-free? What if you created a work-from-home deal for employers to offer their employees to eat better (but you were the supplier that made it easy)? What if you had an immune builder menu for customers? Because you were new and had a few extra weeks before you were even able to open… because you weren’t quite done, you were actually BETTER positioned than your competitors to take advantage of the opportunities. 

Let’s take a look at a new app company. Maybe you were in the middle of a capital raise for your startup, and BOOM, all face-to-face meetings shut down. All angel groups shut their monthly meetings. All VCs stop taking meetings… your entire fundraising plan comes to a screeching, devastating stop.

You could go under (many in this position will)… OR maybe you decide that you and your team will become the absolute best startup in the world at remote fundraising. You build a great presentation. You create a deal room for all of your documents. You invite prospective investors to a webinar and open presentation… You have your employees join a ZOOM town hall to answer any and every question an investor might have… You offer live interviews of/with your team. You have favorable terms and restructure your deal based on some new performance metrics that reduce investor risk. All of a sudden, not only are you better prepared to raise money, your company is one of the few talking to investors (less competition), and trust me, there is still money being invested. 

In any industry or category, you could be the first to offer new work-from-home services? To offer clever delivery… to offer contactless, frictionless transactions. To offer completely new work hours and work options.

What if you developed a new way to train and onboard remote employees? 

THIS MOMENT is a gift. You GET to create when others are frozen. Sure new challenges, but NEW OPPORTUNITIES. 

Flip the narrative. You don’t HAVE to launch your restaurant in a pandemic, you GET to. 

What might have been a nice restaurant could now define a whole new category (launch your restaurant, then maybe you can consult for other restaurant owners (who weren’t well prepared) on how to change their restaurant into the new opportunities, maybe you develop a paid course on the new restaurant model of the future, and on and on and on).

You GET to create your future.



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