Yesterday I told the story of a former executive at NBC Sports making a statement that stuck with me… (If you didn’t read it, check it out first here), but last night I started thinking more about that simple statement… 

You don’t HAVE to *work from home*, you GET to!

The first thing I was thinking is how different life has looked out my own window as a result of Covid19 (the inspiration for these posts as I’ve heard so many people complaining or sharing their frustrations about what the HAVE to do, endure, deal with, etc.).

I, as you may know, chose to work from home years ago. I built a new house with an amazing home office that is 5 feet from my main house. It backs up to the gym. It is just feet from my pool…. And the reason I chose this setup is because I wanted to optimize for LIFE… time around my family (as much time as possible, so a 30-second commute helps), efficiency (so I can get into FLOW and get important work done with little effort in my office) and lifestyle (so I can relax by the pool, get in a workout or whatever my mind or body needs). I am very fortunate to have these things and try not to take for granted that I can walk my dogs or hang out with my wife and kids at 8 am, grab lunch with them again at 2 pm or 5 pm, etc… 

So MY life has been pretty consistent… but the view out my window has changed. 

We’ve lived here for years, but there are people I’ve NEVER seen before out walking their dogs… dads I didn’t know even lived here stroll by with little kids on bikes and strollers. 

I don’t know what these people are thinking/feeling… 

  • Do they HAVE to work from home so now they suddenly have time with their families? 
  • Did they always want to, and now they finally GET to?

Well, regardless of WHY or HOW take a moment to think about it.

Did this horrible thing happen where you HAVE to make changes, or do you finally GET to make changes?

You GET to spend time with people you care about. They GET to spend time with you. 

I personally hope hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS, of people make the decision and commitment to change their life so that it becomes their new reality. 

Flip the narrative… You don’t HAVE to, you GET to!

And I understand, just because you make the decision it doesn’t mean it will be easy but I’m here to help… heck, we have an entire community ready to help you. Flip the narrative. Scale your LIFE.