Feeding your brain is the key to success

I want to share some really dangerous things you might be getting comfortable saying to yourself.. Things like:

  • “I’m done with this year… I’m ready to move on”
  • “I have never seen anything like this before”
  • “I can’t wait to get back to normal”
  • “2020, What a crazy year”

Everyone is saying and hearing things like this daily and it is VERY dangerous. 

These statements, even when we say them to ourselves, are sending our brains the wrong info. And to make matters worse, EVERYONE is doing it so the signal is getting really strong. 

What do these comments say to our brains?

Making these comments basically tell our brain: You can ignore this. This is an anomaly. It is simply a glitch in the system. We’ll be operating normal again so don’t spend energy on this issue.

This is so bad. And it is really dangerous. 

Your biology has developed and evolved over millions of years so we can thrive. We need to feed our brain new, ever evolving information and right now, so many are telling their brains to down-shift and wait. “It’ll be normal again soon, so just take a breather”.

Do not, under any circumstances, miss this amazing opportunity. 

This is where good companies become great (thank you Jim Collins). This is where those born with few advantages catapult past the privileged. This is a rare moment when you can create an Unfair Advantage for your business, your investments and your life. 

What you need to do right now?

Starting immediately, drop the negative comments and small talk about COVID. Stop wishing this year away. Don’t tell yourself this is an anomaly or a glitch. Quiet the noise so you can hear the signal…

Ask yourself: “What is this moment trying to tell me about the future? 

Make a page of notes. 

Not a bullet or two, A PAGE. 

  • What will never be the same again? 
  • What should I never do again? 
  • How can I prepare myself for the next crisis?
  • What things, if I had them in place now, would have made this current situation easy? 
  • What would have made this crisis a WIN for me?
  • Is there a way to move faster when others slow down in moments of panic? 

Keep asking questions. 

  • What investments perform incredibly well amid chaos? 
  • What if I was 10x more fit when this started, what would have been different? 
  • Are there habits that I need to make this easier when it happens again? 
  • How can I set things up so agility is one of my biggest priorities?

Right now is like the fight scene in The Matrix when Neo can slow bullets and see the things that are going 500mph suddenly creep at him. He can study them, and see how to react. When time speeds back up to normal he looks like he is moving at the speed of light. 

This is that moment. The moment you realize that there is always a black swan coming. There is a next mortgage crisis, dot com bust, 9-11, or global pandemic… and the real difference isn’t the crisis, the issue or the world. The real difference is YOU.

Are YOU the kind that is prepared? Do you react and adjust quickly? Do you capitalize on chaos or wish it away?

If you fail to use this amazing moment to train your brain, you will likely fail. You will not achieve your full potential in life. You will not be ready WHEN the next thing happens. 

Victims think 2020 happened TO THEM. 

Those who are thriving (and will thrive in the future) think, This happened FOR ME. 

What is this moment trying to tell you about the future? 

Don’t blow this chance… And I’d love to hear what you are thinking. Let me know (social links below).

And if you ever need help making the most of your entrepreneurial journey, we are here to help.