I haven’t sent an email, recorded a video or even posted much on social media in the past few months. Overall, I’ve been pretty quiet lately.

The primary reason is I’ve recently entered a new chapter in life.

As you well know, life has chapters. For most of us there are some big ones… Things like our childhood…. College. Starting Work. Getting Married. Having Kids, etc. And with each chapter we have the excitement of something new, and sometimes the loss (or change) of something old and familiar.

If you know me at all (and if you are getting this, I suspect you do), I talk about my family in just about every speech, interview, podcast or email I do. It has been one of the most important and most rewarding experiences in my life (being a husband and a dad). I’ve cherished every moment and made it (family) the highest priority I have.

Well, a few months ago I started a new chapter – The Empty Nester.

You can likely imagine it comes with mixed emotions for me. Watching my daughters graduate High School, get into the colleges of their dreams (which they worked so hard for) and prepare for their own futures is amazing. I am so proud. I am so honored to have been their dad and feel so good sending them into the world knowing Janel (my wife) and I did our very best preparing them for a great life ahead. I am excited FOR THEM and their futures.

But I’m also sad. I’m sad that the house is quiet. I’m sad that the dinners we all four shared together have come to an end. I miss the morning discussions as they were leaving for school, or the quick “bag switch” when they ran in from school and ran back out for soccer practice, dance or a sleepover with friends. Those little moments were all precious, and you see and feel them more when they are gone. (Note: I know you’ve heard me say it many times before, but you HAVE to prioritize these moments. DO NOT accept the tradeoffs).

But clearly the chapters in life also give you NEW chances and new opportunities. Now I get to spend time with Janel that was never possible before.  For almost twenty years we were always running to and from sports, school and activities. Often Janel and I were dividing and conquering to make the schedules all work. But now Janel and I plan our schedule together. We eat lunch together and dinner together. She can join me on work trips (never possible before) and we can travel as much as we want. It is a fun, exciting new chapter we are looking forward to exploring together.

The past few months travel has been the theme. I’ve been to Europe and back four times since September… Barcelona, Paris, Algeciras, Madrid, Amsterdam, Malaga, London, Brugge, etc…

In a few weeks we will leave again for Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic…

I share this because I want you to consider the chapters in your life….

The chapter you are in now.

  • Are you making the most out of your current situation?
  • Are you prioritizing the things that really matter?
  • Are you stopping to smell the roses?
  • Are you thinking about and actively working towards the future you want to live?

What about the chapter you likely will have (or want to have) next.

  • If you want to travel, have you set yourself up to have the option?
  • Do you have the time, money and freedom to live the future you want?

I’ve reflected a lot lately… It’s been quite powerful for me and created a new set of ideas, energy and passion I am excited to pursue. I’m thankful for the chapters I’ve lived and really excited about the ones to come.

Take a moment to think about your chapters…


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