Lately the notion of RISK has been on my mind… As entrepreneurs we have to take some risks, but in today’s world are we really doing anything that crazy? I would say NO.

If you have a nice secure job at the bank did you hear about the little “global financial meltdown” we faced in 2008? How secure was that job? How about now with the proliferation of robo-advisors, AI/Machine Learning platforms and FinTech companies all sprinting behind you?

If you felt great about the equity in your house (which always goes up, right), how did that 30+% drop in value feel?

My point (despite it perhaps appearing negative) is quite the opposite. Entrepreneurs CONTROL outcomes… If you start your own business you can’t be fired. If you build equity in your business you can work harder and smarter and make it worth more. If you can’t find local clients you can drive or fly to find new ones but YOU decide. If the market doesn’t love your product you can evolve it, change it or create something new. YOU control the variables. Not all of them, but certainly more than office workers do.

And here is the real question:

So what if you fail? What happens?

You left your corner office and tried to start a bakery that after one year was forced to close down. I submit that if you go back to the bank you have better experience than your peers. You started something. You learned new skills and got out of your comfort zone… You learned marketing, branding, legal, finance, social media and leadership… If the bank doesn’t value that and want you back right away, someone will and will likely pay you more given your newly acquired skills.

Jobs in the future will be small business driven. Value creators. Entrepreneurs. Knowledge workers.

I’m posting this from an ice skating rink on a MacBook Air with a WiFi connection while my daughter enjoys a party with friends… How great is that?

No deadline, no pressure just some mobile tools and an idea that I wanted to share.

I’m starting a new company. It may work (I actually am thinking more like “grand slam”) but if it doesn’t, sure, there will be consequences. I will be disappointed. I will lose some money and some security. I will feel a bruised ego. Yep, all true… But, regardless of outcomes I am learning a ton. I am happy as can be, working with amazing people and trying to build something special. I get out of bed with a spring in my step and kinda hate to fall asleep at night because I feel like I’m wasting time.

RISK isn’t a bad word… Risk is control. Risk is upside, it’s potential and learning. It’s pushing yourself and knowing almost every outcome is better for you personally and professionally…

Go take a risk. And feel free to email me telling me how much happier you are.




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