As KYCK nears its launch (sometime in the next 30 days), I feel an all too familiar ticking in the background. The ticking of a clock… That clock is an internal accelerometer telling me the pace is picking up.

Energy, panic, excitement, repeat… One of my investors told me last week he could “feel the energy” in our office and through our team. I know exactly what he means.

KYCK is going to be a global business. We are doing something powerful and unique and doing it with scale, and that means the pressure is on. We want to get a great product to market sooner than later. We want to gain passionate customers who can help us evolve and iterate our offerings. We want people from far stretches of the planet to engage and interact so we can feel the global community speak.

We have hired a passionate group of people from engineers to writers to marketing experts.  We have shared vision around the office. We know where we are headed, what the risks are, and why it’s worth doing. The air is thick with potential.

Now, it isn’t all smooth sailing. With the ticking in the background, there are also mistakes. Broken code, decisions made quickly that didn’t quite work… the team might be edgy… but wow, when the momentum hits you can in fact feel it, and it is truly a wonderful feeling.

When you hear the clicking, pick up your pace. Work a little longer. Consider more coffee and shorter lunch breaks. Encourage your teammates. This is when breakthroughs happen, when business models click and industries are disrupted.

Momentum comes in waves, so ride it hard when it hits.

Board in hand, clock ticking… Ready to surf.

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