Successful entrepreneurs leave footprints. You can study their careers, you can read their books and blogs, you can interview them or watch their keynotes. The great thing about this is you can actually find the factors that CREATED their success or minimally were a big part of it. I call these Critical Success Factors.

Looking back over my own career as an entrepreneur, there were many critical moments. Great decisions, terrible decisions. Good outcomes, bad outcomes, etc. But when I consider the true Critical Success Factors, the things that really moved the needle for me and drove most of my success, I consistently find these four:

  1. Surrounded myself with great people
  2. Engaged with amazing mentors
  3. Invested in educating myself (books, courses, conferences, mastermind groups, etc.)
  4. Learned the incredible power of no

So my advice, if you want to start something, raise money for something, scale something, have impact, make great money, have amazing adventures and generally have an awesome life is do those four things… Again and again. Success does in fact leave clues.

Yours in startups,




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