The most successful entrepreneurs are all very different from one another. I’m talking about the big name entrepreneurs who generate incredible wealth, drive global change and create impact in the world. They tend to have different backgrounds and different levels of education. They often have unique styles and dramatically varied skills. 

However, they all share a really critical characteristic.

Let me provide a few examples and see if you can find the common theme:

  • Steve Jobs famously wore the same outfit every day so he didn’t have to think about what to wear
  • Jack Dorsey has different themes for each day of the week – management day, strategy day, etc.  
  • Elon Musk schedules his days in tight 15 minute increments from morning to night
  • Warren Buffet has a very light calendar, often having days with nothing at all scheduled so he can spend it thinking and reading.

Did you see the theme?

Each one thinks about it in a slightly unique way. They all execute it differently. But the there is a common thread:

They all are hyper focused on TIME.

TIME is what often separates good from great. 

Now, here’s the critical thing most people miss. They say, “Mac, you are pointing at billionaires and saying they control their time… that’s easy, they are billionaires ”… if you think that you are missing the point. 

The point is, they started by controlling their time, and THEN became billionaires. 

What is the one of most important things you have to do as an entrepreneur to scale your business? What about if you want to create freedom in your life, or have the option to sell your company in a life changing exit? 

They all have the same answer. You have to, Control your time.

Here’s where it gets crazy to me.

You are trying to scale your company. You have sales challenges. You feel stuck and lack clarity on key strategies to break out. You have cash flow challenges. You have a great product or service but not enough people know about it. You need to add to your team. You need more resources to free up some of your time to focus on things that really matter.

Does any of that sound familiar?

The reality is, you don’t have TIME to work on your business because you are too busy running it. 

It is interesting psychology isn’t it?

A lack of “time” to invest in something that will catapult your career or your life is like saying I can’t spend a dollar to get twenty back…. I need to work to save twenty dollars before I can buy a twenty. 

But wait, I’ll sell you the twenty right now for one dollar? 

No, I don’t have time to talk about it, I need to make twenty dollars. 

I have two messages I really want you to let sink in… 

The first is:  To create the success you want (wealth, income, freedom, impact) you have to take control of your time and allocate it very wisely.

The second is:  If you are not investing (right now) in people, strategies and approaches that help you control your time, you’ll never get off the treadmill. 

Let’s look at a similar problem, outside of business, for context.

Say you want to climb Mt. Everest. A very ambitious goal (like building and scaling a company). If you want to summit Everest you can start reading right now. There are tons of resources, books and videos to watch. You can buy a few maps. You can start researching equipment, reading reviews on packs and tents. You can look at travel options and booking services. You can find sherpas. If you have unlimited amounts of time and resources you will eventually find everything you need to feel confident in starting your summit. 

OR… you can talk to someone who has already been to the peak a few times. In one hour they can tell you everything you would have learned with all your research. They can tell you what NOT to do. What the most important decisions are, etc. Pay for a few hours of their time and you get hundreds of hours back. You literally buy time. 

In life, if you want to pursue an ambitious goal there is absolutely nothing as powerful as talking to people who have ALREADY been where you want to go. Learn from them. Model them and you buy time.

Final question for you… and think about this question.

If I shared five testimonials with you right now, telling you that I could personally help you scale your company, create freedom, maximize exit value and so much more and all I needed you to do was sign up for my program today… What would you say?

Do you think,“I don’t have ANY extra time to commit right now…. and dollars are limited and precious (both business and personal), but maybe later”

Let that sink in.  

I get it. I was a heads-down entrepreneur for over 25 years.

I’ll leave you with this:

What is the most common push-back or concern when I talk to founders who are interested in our transformational ExitDNA program?

It often starts with:

  • “This really resonates with me..”
  • “I know you could help me get to the next level…”
  • “I need this for sure”

The they add,

  • “This is an unusually busy time so I’d like to join in the future”.

This post is not about me (I have time) or my programs. This post is about YOU.

Next time someone wants to sell you a $20 for $1, just make sure you have time. 


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