If you have a great idea, I mean a truly great idea…. Something that is game-changing. Something disruptive… Then guess what? It won’t be easy. It is flat out hard.

Yes, you heard me. You are signing up to do something that your friends won’t understand. You are pursuing a path your family might think is crazy, and absolutely every piece of evidence is going to say you are wrong. It won’t work. It can’t be done. It’s always been this way, and you shouldn’t question it.

Why is this? Why is it that choosing to do something disruptive is so hard? Why don’t people cheer in the streets that you are heroic, bold, and inventive?

Honestly, I don’t know why. I just know that conventional thinking crushes innovation. I know that people don’t understand entrepreneurs and social-philanthropists who want to change the world. The cushy job at the bank just makes good sense to people. That cubicle has a certain degree of perceived security, and deciding to challenge the system is just crazy.

Well, here’s the thing. If you have a disruptive idea, do us all a favor and choose the path less taken. Walk away from the cubicle; that feeling of safety is a trap anyway. Prove to yourself that you will learn faster. You will meet important people who can change your life. You will be more energized. You will separate yourself from the masses who looked a lot like you. And you might just change the world.

Big companies feel safe and secure. Once something is proven, has scaled out all over our country, and is a household name, then it’s bulletproof right? Hey, run up the road and rent a DVD from Blockbuster will you? Oops… Disrupted by Red Box (which people thought was a dumb idea) and NetFlix (which people said wouldn’t work). Blockbuster on your street? Gone. Safe no more.

Go change the world. Explode convention. Disrupt. And when your friends and family say you’re crazy, just smile.

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