Over the past few weeks, I’ve had no less than ten conversations with smart people that I not only like but also see great potential in. They have good ideas, great contacts, experience, skills, and energy.

So what’s the problem? Why aren’t these people hanging a new sign on the door saying, “Open for business”?

It’s almost always the same deep-seated issue: security.

People tend to have a flawed view that tells them that they need more money to start or a few more things in place before jumping. They believe if they had a bit more traction, they could pursue something amazing and leave the anchor that holds them back. The job they hate somehow holds the promise of enabling them to get to the dream in time. Eventually, it can happen, they think.

Hear me clearly: it’s backwards.

Do it now. Do it today. Every second you pull yourself out of bed to go to a career you don’t love is slowing your potential. It’s delaying the growth, the change, and the opportunity you have. Don’t drag out of bed; jump out of bed to do what you love. Don’t you think that your passion alone will make a difference?

Ask yourself this: if you spent 100% of your time right now (today) starting full time on the thing you love, do you believe you can grow the business? (Or sell more products, or raise money, or develop services quicker) I don’t have to tell you the answer, do I?

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