I have noticed a new trend. The basic idea is that people are starting to do quick “blink” analysis of a situation (be that a job opportunity, a deal, a vacation option, and so on). It is logical. Information becomes more and more available, the filters in our lives aren’t keeping up with the flow of information, so we make quick decisions on that data without going deeper and move on.

The disturbing part for me is that “blinks” don’t include passion. They aren’t drive and commitment. Most people aren’t effectively ALL IN after a quick decision. For me, that isn’t OK. It isn’t OK for me when people come to one of my companies looking for a job (as I know its just because it sounded interesting or they think we may be hiring, etc.), and it shouldn’t be OK with you. Choose passions and do the work. People can see it in your eyes.

Don’t take a vacation to a place on a blink. Choose vacations based on places you are passionate to see, visit, and experience. Research them. Get more excited. Commit to the experience.

Ok, maybe I shouldn’t tell you what to do on vacations, but PLEASE don’t make career decisions on a blink. Just because a technology is hot or a company may be hiring, don’t waste your time or theirs if you haven’t done your homework, know that it is something you are passionate about, and are prepared to be ALL IN.



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