It is a Jedi Mind Trick, Fear is not real.

May 5, 2016 Mac Lackey


Fear is not real.

But you have to fight it because it will look real and feel real if you let it in.

As an entrepreneur, you have no room in your life for fear. It will get in your way. It will conjure up negative thoughts that stop you from considering all that’s possible. It will stop you from creating something great.

If you feel it lurking in, you have to crush it.

Things might not work the first time you try them. Or the second time. Or even the third time. There might be adverse, inconvenient, or aggravating consequences in any or all of those attempts.

It is here that fear will try to sneak in. Remember – it’s not real.

Stay in control. Choose to think of these attempts and consequences as just outcomes. You should never fear outcomes because that’s all they are – simply outcomes. They are moving you closer to winning. You learned something; it’s now actionable; keep going. 

Sure, all entrepreneurs feel fear. It’s human. But, great entrepreneurs feel it creeping in and immediately smile. They laugh it off. Because they know it’s nothing more than a trick that must be put in its place and destroyed.

When you feel fear, remember – it’s only an illusion. Laugh it off. Get back to changing the world.

That’s what’s real.

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