Thank you for prompting me (those who have emailed asking where i went)… I have been silent a few weeks and that is exactly when i need to post.

My blog is a vehicle for me to publicly say what’s on my mind, or more than anything to remind myself of what is important. I have been quiet because i have been thinking, thinking about what’s next and preparing to GO.

I am working on a new startup. It’s the reason I get out of bed with an extra step. There is nothing in the world quite like it.

So, I am going to post a series of notes on startup and the process I am going through… Here’s the quick blurb. We’re still in NINJA mode, so I’ll be brief and high-level for now.

The name of the new startup is KYCK. (

KYCK is an intersection of my passions, my background, my network, and some of the hottest marketspaces on the globe. KYCK is a social framework focused on the world’s most popular sport – SOCCER.

It is mobile and social. It solves problems for me as a soccer fan and leverages the tools that already dominate the social graph (facebook, twitter, etc.). It doesn’t replace them; it works with them, consolidates, and filters for me… collaboration.

My view is the social graph will splinter. Facebook and Twitter will be winners, and despite the proliferation of many new social networks, my personal attention span (quite short) won’t likely have me digging deep into these new entrants UNLESS it is in one of my 1-3 areas of passion. People don’t change behavior easily, so using things they know (the Facebook framework) and offering them something they are personally passionate about (be that games – think ZYNGA, or soccer – think KYCK) with a level of depth and breadth not available elsewhere on the graph… They might just become rabid fans and add it to their daily routine.

KYCK will launch a pre-beta to a very limited number of people (capped at 10,000) and is by invitation only. Some of you may receive an invite as I already know you are passionate and influential in the soccer space… If you are a player or passionate enthusiast and have not received an invite, email me and I’ll be sure you get one before they run out. (Or go to over the next 7 days when there is a quiet registration period).

More to come…

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