Scaling Your Life

Yesterday was a great reminder for me. Sometimes you just have to keep pushing.

It was one of those days where things just didn’t seem to be going right for me and my business interests. It was a day where it would have been easy to throw up the hands, say this just isn’t working and I am clearly stuck, so there is no reason to keep pushing. I can’t clearly see what lies ahead.

That is exactly, precisely, where most people quit and miss success. Not by a mile, but by an inch (or maybe a foot, but not a mile).

Clearly sometimes things aren’t meant to be and not everything works, but often times it is pure gut that gets us through. Remember to push on through (at least a few times) to see what is on the other side.

The vision you started with, the research you did, and your gut all serve as guides. It’s like a great pilot who has to keep his wits even when flying through fog. Even if something looks or feels wrong, he has to trust in his instrument panel and his gut/experience… and fly through.

Sometimes it’s right there; other times, you have to push for a while before the fog clears, but don’t stop pushing.

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